Union Specific
Song Noir
Don Diego's Dance
Ma Fleur, Ta Fleur
Sirene Cybele
Lonely Hallelujah
Virtual Seduction
Queen and Pawn
Feste, the Jester
A Pocket Full of Cash
Minimum Rage
Pater Noster
Whenever two musicians of quality get together, something interesting usually happens. We are especially gratified when they do so in an unlikely combination. Reedman Jim Cuomo and guitarist Jo Haemer have forged a distinctive sound that is confusing in the most pleasant way imaginable. Few duos in town put out as wide (and gratifying) an assortment of sounds from such a seemingly limited instrumental base. [Willamette Week - Jazz]

The next night I caught DUOGLIDE with their twin stringed-instrument beauty, ranging from staccato, almost surfy material to music with an ethnic feel. [PDXS]

Jo Haemer combines her stellar classical guitar work with Jim Cuomo's virtuosic manipulation of the domra and glidophone (whatever they are). [Two Louies]

Guitarist Jo Haemer and clarinet, domra and glidophone player Jim Cuomo perform music with tinges of Western, jazz and even New Age, but with more substance and variety than you'd expect...It's worth a stop-off just to hear the amazing sounds Cuomo gets from a digital horn... [Willamette Week - Classical]

The odd plastic horn and electric three-stringed thing Cuomo juggles between (and sometimes during) songs are definite conversation-starters.. DUOGLIDE have since become one of the few bands in Portland as successful as they are unclassifiable. The music is all original, all instrumental, and pushes classical, jazz, and flamenco guitar sounds into a small room with Russian and European modalities until they get to know one another intimately. Listening to the process take place is one of the most relaxing yet intriguing musical experiences in the Northwest. [The Rocket]

Ultra-sophisticated! [Folk Roots Magazine]