Womanbud Deborah
Great Wall of China
Forever Seventh Loved Time
Now Is Made in America
The Crimson Uniform
Smelling Like A Rose
Victoria Falls
O Mistress Mine
Cap and Bell
Walk In Walk Out
These Echoes
My Grandma Rocks
St. Ives
Listen To The Flavour
Paranoid Nightdream
"Wonderful progressive music, which is a mix of folk, classical and traditional instruments and influences. A clever use of vocal arrangements and rhythms that we find here give the group a completely unique sound." Netbeat

Super rare '70s psych folk that finally gets it's deserved reissue. A group of American, English and French freaks who made two albums of haunting, mystical psych / folk somewhere between Comus, the Incredible String Band, Doctor Strangely Strange and Principle Edwards Magic Theatre..... Fantastic fold out digi pak with bonus tracks..... Delirium